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Tanisha Rodriguez holds several titles which includes but not limited to, wife, mother, sister, friend, and colleague. She has worked in the Entertainment industry just over five years at this point, transitioned from the financial industry where she has over ten-years experience. Tanisha found her calling in Entertainment and Media after joining FOX. She managed all things Employee Engagement for Fox Networks Group, from creating affinity groups to launching employee programs. Her role allowed her to work and collaborate with different departments, including Diversity and Inclusion, Learning and Development, and Talent Acquisitions to name a few.


In December 2019, the bang heard around the world, Disney-Fox merger, happened and Tanisha was brought over to Disney to work with the Diversity and Inclusion team for Walt Disney Television. There, she was able to continue her Employee Engagement work but also added Change Management to her wheel house as she led efforts to combine legacy Disney affinity groups with legacy Fox’s to create a global framework. Today, she leads Global DEIB work at Deluxe Media Inc. as their Director of Diversity.


During the 2008 Stock Market crash, Tanisha used that opportunity to go back to school and finish her bachelor’s degree in Management at California State University, Northridge. After finding her footing and getting back into the workforce, she wanted to transition from Finance to Human Resource. With a fulltime job, husband, and now three daughters under the ages of ten, Tanisha graduated with a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Kaplan University with a 3.56 GPA.


As President and Founder of Sister Circle, her goal is simple, connect Black women to each other throughout all Entertainment and Media spaces to create a strong network and impact the natural pipeline to get us hired and promoted.




I’ve worked in the corporate America for 16 years with an emphasis on logistics and travel. I’ve played on 4 continents and explored over 30 countries. A perk of knowing my way around the world. I have a degree in Psychology with a minor in Media Management and currently transitioning into the entertainment industry. As a former Sister Circle Mentee, I experienced the benefits of the program. I truly believe in the organization’s purpose and mission, inspiring me to dedicate my time to like minded women as myself. Creative and innovative, I illustrate the organization’s mission and vision as Sister Circle’s Social Media Manager and Administrator.


Are you interested in being a part of our Board of Directors? Please email us for consideration.

We are always looking for great Board Members who are embedded in the Media and Entertainment industry. 

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